About Wicked Flaws

My name is Colette, and I’ll be your guide as we venture out into this Wickedly Flawed world together.  As your ambassador to all that is organic and unedited, it’s only fitting that I, myself, should be wildly imperfect.  I am an adventurer, an insatiably hungry food lover, rock climber, mermaid enthusiast, and I feel like I’m missing something…..Oh, that’s it, my right butt cheek.  I was born with a Sacrococcygeal Teratoma that left me without a tailbone or half of my hiney. (Read my full story here) But hey, the good news is, apparently you don’t need both!  (I’ve made it 29 years with just one! It’s apparently like a kidney, guess you don’t actually need two? ) I can laugh with  myself now, because laughter can be great positive energy. But it wasn’t always this way.  The world can be hard.  It teaches us to hide our imperfections, lest we get hurt again.  It tells us “Something is wrong about you, something is not enough.”

At our fingertips is a world of perfection.   Social media and smart phones have put comparison quite literally in our hands, so that every second of every day, we can juxtapose ourselves with others and all they seem to be and have.  But I’ve learned a secret, and I’ll share it with you….our entire universe is made up of wonderful imperfections. From the Grand Canyon, all the way to the supernovas of dying stars. Everybody has something, and not one human, animal, or dream home in the hillsides of Tuscany is exempt.  So I’ll show you mine and you show me yours.   Reach out, tell me your story, meet up and share a pizza with me (but understand that by share, I’ll probably be eating more than half).  This is a place designed to show you you’re not alone.  There’s a power to be harnessed within our flaws, and I promise you, it’s wicked.